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Self- (15Q) or Interviewer- (40Q) Administered?

The Health Utilities Index (HUIR) measurement systems are a family of generic health status and health-related quality of life (HRQL) measures. This 'family' of measures includes the HUI Mark 1, HUI Mark 2, and HUI Mark 3, or more commonly referred to as the HUI1, HUI2, and HUI3. Although HUI1 is still used, HUI2 and HUI3 are much more frequently used in both clinical and population health studies and it is these 2 instruments that are the focus of this note.

Applications of the HUI require that data be collected to classify the health status of each subject at a point in time and to that end a variety of questionnaires and related procedure manuals have been developed and are available to facilitate the application of the HUI systems. Self-complete and interviewer-administered versions are available in both self-assessment and proxy-assessment formats. For each of these standard administration formats there are standard algorithms for converting responses into health attribute levels and single- & multi-attribute health utility scores.

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aka HUI-15Q aka HUI-40Q
Proxy-Assessment Yes Yes
Self-Assessment Yes Yes
Min / Max number of HUI questions to complete an assessment

Mean completion time (minutes) 8 - 10 3 - 5
Full set of HUI2 Attribute Levels Yes Yes
Full set of HUI3 Attribute Levels Yes Yes
Full set of HUI2 Single- & Multi-Attribute Scores* Yes Yes
Full set of HUI3 Single- & Multi-Attribute Scores* Yes Yes
Calculation of utility scores
A Manual detailing the steps necessary to code questionnaire responses & calculate all HUI2 and HUI3 single-attribute and overall health utility scores is provided.
Recommended ages
- Self-assess 12+ years 8+ years
- Proxy-assess 5+ years 5+ years
Test Dataset available Yes Yes
Questionnaire language availability - *NOTE: There are 8 'standard' HUI questionnaires possible per language in both Self-Administered (15Q) and Interviewer-Administered (40Q) formats. Standard questionnaires depend on 'Self- or Proxy Assessment' and 1 of 4 Recall Periods ('Usual health', 'during the past 4-weeks', '...2-weeks', '...1-week').

To view a schematic of the basic "components" of the traditional or paper & pencil method of administering the HUI please click here.

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Follow these links for detailed information on the HUI2 and HUI3 classification systems;
Reviewing the Table of Contents/Introduction of the HUI Self-Complete Questionnaire manual;
Completing the on-line Application Form to contact the HUI Service Centre
    with your study-particulars and allow your HUInc representative help you
    choose the HUI instrument that meets your needs.

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