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HUI Mark2 and Mark3 Reference Population Data
('HUI2 and HUI3 Population Norms')

This is a depository of published and unpublished results from numerous HUI surveys of general populations. The summary files, in pdf format, provide detailed information about: the survey populations; summary statistics of HUI measurements; where to obtain background for survey methods; and acknowledgements of sources.

We plan to add results from more HUI surveys as these become available. Please inform us of the availability of other results we should include in this depository ( or

There is relatively less data for HUI2 than for HUI3. Some of the data on norms for HUI2 comes from control groups in clinical studies. An example is Feeny et al in Social Science & Medicine 2004;799-809 reporting summary statistics for HUI2 and HUI3 overall health-related quality of life (HRQL) utility scores of teenage control subjects. There is a lot of data for HUI from large general population health surveys in various countries. For example, HUI3 has been included in most major Canadian general population health surveys since 1990. Unfortunately, much of the HUI3 data from general population surveys has not been summarized and published. Arrangements can be made for custom analyses of Statistics Canada data but these types of arrangements are beyond the scope of many studies.

Although every effort has been made to accurately record the data to these tables, HUInc does not guarantee that the data are 100% accurate nor does HUInc assume any responsibility arising from the use of these data. We suggest you verify all values from the original sources before utilitzing these data.

Our Health Utilities Inc. web site ( includes (click on "References" button in left-hand column of web page) "Population Health Applications" and "HUI3 in Canadian Population Health Surveys" sections. We will be pleased to provide (upon request to or the list of HUI-related references in Word format which may be more up-to-date and more easily searched.

PRIMARY REFERENCE KEY TABLE (Select HUI System and click on Gender link)
HUI System Population Gender
HUI2 Females
HUI2 Males
HUI2 Females and Males (combined)
HUI3 Females
HUI3 Males
HUI3 Females and Males (combined)

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