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A Brief Description


The following brief description provides a concise summary of key features of the Health Utilities Index (HUI®). The information may be used in HUI-related proposals and reports. A 'hot-link' is provided at the end of the text to a document suitable for word-processing.

The Health Utilities Index (HUI®) is a family of generic preference-based systems for measuring comprehensive health status and health-related quality of life (HRQL). HUI® provides descriptive evidence on multiple dimensions of health status, a score for each dimension of health, and a HRQL score for overall health. Health dimensions include vision, hearing, speech, ambulation/mobility, pain, dexterity, self-care, emotion and cognition. Each dimension has 3- 6 levels. HUI® systems describe almost a million unique health states.

HUI® scoring functions are based on preference measurements from random samples of the general population and represent mean community utilities. The utility scores have interval-scale properties. Overall HRQL scores are on the conventional dead = 0.00 to perfect health = 1.00 scale and are appropriate for calculating quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) in cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses.

HUI® has been used in hundreds of clinical and general population studies worldwide. There is abundant evidence about the measurement properties of HUI®. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the HUI® is acceptable, reliable, valid and responsive to clinically meaningful change. A difference of 0.03 or more in HUI® scores of HRQL is clearly clinically important.

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