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Health Utilities Inc® - award winning leaders in health utility assessment of health-related quality of life since 1998.

Health Utilities Inc. is a world leader in the science of measuring health, providing questionnaires and procedure manuals with proven reliability, validity and responsiveness.

What is HUI®?
The Health Utilities Index (HUI) is a system for measuring comprehensive health status and health-related quality of life (HRQL). HUI is the product of more than 40 years of research at McMaster University and development by Health Utilities Inc.

A comprehensive health state is described as a combination of levels for various aspects of health including vision, hearing, speech, mobility, dexterity, self-care, emotion, cognition and pain. Each aspect of health has 3 to 6 levels of ability/disability allowing HUI to describe almost one million unique health states. Scoring formulae are based on preference measurements for health states from random samples of the general population in community surveys.

Who Uses the HUI®?
Hundreds of clinicians and researchers around the world as well as major national statistical agencies have used HUI in more than 35 languages and countries world-wide. Clinical areas of interest range from Alzheimer's and arthritis, to diabetes and hip / knee replacement, to heart and lung transplants, to oncology and ophthalmology, to vascular events and herpes zoster, to name just a few.

Applicability and Types of Studies that Incorporte HUI®

  • Describing treatment processes and outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials.
  • Describing and monitoring the health status of general populations.
  • Assessing the cost-effectiveness / cost-utility (CUE / CUA) and
         comparative effectiveness of health care services, pharmaceutical products
         and medical devices.
  • Evaluating the experience of patients undergoing therapy.
  • Estimating quality-adjusted life years (QALYs).
  • Evaluating long-term outcomes associated with disease or therapy.
  • Providing evidence for regulatory agency approvals.
  • Providing evidence for Formulary listings applications.

    HUI health status classification systems and preference-scoring systems have been valided extensively by researchers around the world. Health Utilities Inc. has earned an excellent reputation for assisting users in choosing the right HUI questionnaire to match the criteria of specific applications.

    To find out more about HUI®, or to submit an application form for use of the HUI in your study, visit

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding any of our blogs contact John Horsman or Mary Gauld at the HUInc Service Centre or Bill Furlong at HUInc Corporate HQ.

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